Quality Austria Training, Certification and Evaluation Ltd.

Internet address:  http://www.qualityaustria.com

Quality Austria was founded as a limited company for training, certification and evaluation in 2004. It stands for competence in the fields of quality, environmental and safety management and relating to the industry standards. The close relationship with IQNet, EOQ and EFQM enables the mutual exchange of global know-how. On a global scale, Quality Austria cooperates with around 100 member organizations in almost 50 countries in Eastern and South Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, Asia and South.
Quality Austria covers the three business areas of certification, evaluation and validation, provides training and individuals’ certification as well as information, expert knowledge and service. Quality Austria is a one-stop shop for comprehensive services. More than 500 trainers, auditors and assessors and technical experts combine know-how specific to standards and sectors with a significant focus on practical issues. This secures successful implementation within the organization.

Role of the organisation in the project:

P5 will be WP5 leader. Its role is semi-external: the while being part of the team, P5 will nevertheless stand also aside from the “daily activities” in order to observe performance. It will provide the Evaluation plan, evaluate final reports of WP1, results of pilot training, provide a final evaluation report, develop QAP and monitor the quality. It will also design Certification program and organize inter-Tempus coaching. In WP7 P5 will provide reports, communicate with P1, take part in all meetings. In WP1 it will participate in design e-surveys, analyse results and drafting reports. In WP3 will train TC partners to design and develop 3 modules, draw up manuals. In WP4 it will organize a session in training (P1), support execution of pilot training for TC partners and for their future authors/trainers. In WP6 it will participate in dissemination activities, iCo-op conference(Spain) and prepare an internal organizational plan to exploit the deliverables.

Contact person: 

Dr. Mag. Anni Koubek

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