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Created in 1992, the IUT is one of the youngest universities in Germany. However, engineering education enjoys a more than 100 years old tradition. In addition to intensive basic research, applied and industrial-oriented research - the associated knowledge and technology transfer to industry and the economy has become a trademark of the university. In joint projects with industry, the conditions required for the introduction of new technologies and the development of new products are created. This is especially true in fields such as mechatronic, microelectronics, microsystems engineering, image processing, medical technology, information technology, communication technology, and environmental engineering. Current developments in international research form the basis for research profiles. The departments of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Computer Science and Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Natural Sciences and Economics currently have about 6750 students.

Role of the organisation in the project:

P1 is leading partner of WP7. In WP7 it will take over the project coordination/management work, control and monitoring of work, organize kick off meeting. In WP1 P1 will collaborate with P6 in preparation of e-surveys, analyse results of survey from P7-P22, and present outcomes. In WP2 P1 and P4 will adjust LMS/communication tools/PLE to TC partner's needs, give testing feedback concerning learning platform/environment. In WP3 it with TC partners will support of design and development 5 modules, set up remote lab for P8,P20, draw up manuals. In WP4 it will organize F2F training for TC academia/enterprises tutors/mentors, and support execution of pilot training for participants from TC HEI and IND. The internal evaluation report will be provided. In WP5 it will participate in evaluation, certification and planning of activities after the project lifetime. In WP6 it will participate in dissemination activities and prepare an internal organizational plan to exploit the deliverables.

Contact person: 

Dr.-Ing. Karsten Henke

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