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Year of foundation is 1900. In 2001 the University received the national status. Today ZNTU includes 6 institutes (Institute of Machine Construction, Institute of Physics and Engineering, Institute of Information Science and Radioelectronics, Institute of Economics and Humanities, Institute of Management and Law); 13 faculties; 59 departments. ZNTU develops professionals in 48 specialties. At present the University numbers over 13000 students, 7350 of whom are full-time students. During the last 3 years curricula of three new courses on Machine Construction have been developed and introduced into educational process, namely: “Computer-aided design”, “Computer-aided simulation”, “Computer-aided support of preproduction”.

Role of the organisation in the project:

In WP1 P8 will participate in design and manage e-surveys, analyse results and drafting reports. In WP2 it will give testing feedback concerning learning platform/environment. In WP3 with EU partner will design and develop 3 modules, set up in-house remote lab, draw up manuals, translate WP3 content. In WP4 it will participate in training holding by P1/ in F2F workshops (P2), execute pilot training in-house and with P18 and provide workshop for future trainers. In WP5 it will participate in evaluation, learner's certification, inter-Tempus coaching, and planning of activities after the project lifetime. In WP6 it will build strong partnership with P18, participate in dissemination activities, iCo-op conference(Spain) and prepare an internal organizational plan to exploit the deliverables. In WP7 it will provide reports, communicate with the project coordinator (P1), take part in all meetings.

Contact person: 

Dr. Olexandr Andriyenko

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