Joint-Stock Company (JSC) "Kharkiv OnLine"

Kharkiv OnLine was established in 1997. Primary activity of Kharkov Online is concentrated on development and service of the northeast segment of the Ukrainian computer network of science and education establishments (URAN), granting services of the Internet-service-providing, rendering IT training services, software development. Kharkiv Online created the Educational Internet Center for training of highly skilled experts for modern IT. This Center participates in international and state education programs. Kharkiv Online created the Center of Software Development to carry out orders in the field of the Internet programming and solves tasks of creating software for financial and economic activity of enterprises.
Kharkiv OnLine together with Kharkiv Regional Employment Bureau holds trainings for unemployed people in the field of Information Technology. The training program for this target group was developed in accordance with labour market requirements and is a practice of orientation.

Role of the organisation in the project:

In WP1 P14 will take part in e-surveys, and drafting training requirements. In WP4 it will participate in training holding by P1, provide employees for pilot training and workshop for future trainers executed by P6, build mutually beneficial and sustainable partnership and internship program with P6. In WP5 it will evaluate trainings and learning modules, observe the modules design and implementation, and suggest details about contents/methodology. The employees will participate in Certification program. In WP6 it will participate in dissemination activities by using own already established information facilities, and planning of activities after project lifetime. In WP7 P14 will provide reports, communicate with the coordinator (P1), participate in final conference/meeting(Spain) and via video/phone in other meetings.

Contact person: 

Mr. Anatoliy Stankevich

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