National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”

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NTU “KhPI” is one of higher education leaders in Ukraine and plays leading role in shaping Kharkiv technological policy. It is a member of the EUA, BSUN, EAU and takes active part in AUDEM. Today more than 24000 students are trained under 95 specialties. NTU “KhPI” has wide international relations, close cooperation with National Academy of Science of Ukraine and industrial enterprises.
The NTU “KhPI” has a modern competence-oriented learning model of cooperation with business environment that allows the university to adapt its educational services in accordance with constantly changeable requirements of the labour market in conditions of transitive economy and to prepare specialists according business expectations. The university collaborates with Industrial Group UPEC, SE Kharkov machinery plant "FED", Malyshev Factory, public company Turboatom, SE Plant "Electrotyazhmash", Kharkov State Aviation Production Enterprise, Kharkov Tractor Plant and others.

Role of the organisation in the project:

P6 as Ukrainian coordinator and WP1 leader will monitor, delegate work; prepare e-surveys for HEI/IND partners; translate questionnaires, analyse e-survey, drafting reports and provide final analysis for all partners. It will participate in Best practices(P4) training. In WP7 P6 will provide reports, communicate with P1, build partnership with P14,P15; take part in all and organize 2nd meeting. In WP2 it will give testing feedback concerning learning environment. In WP3 with EU partner design and develop 3 modules, set up in-house remote lab, draw up manuals, translate WP3 content. In WP4 it will participate in training holding by P1/in F2F workshop(P2), execute pilot training in-house /with P14,15, and for future trainers. In WP5 it will participate in evaluation, certification, and planning of activities after the project lifetime. In WP6 it will participate in dissemination activities, final conference(Spain) and prepare an internal organizational plan to exploit the deliverables.

Contact person: 

Mr. Valeriy Kravets

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